Eastlight residents invited for doorstep conversation

Letters have been sent to every Eastlight customer to ask if they would like a doorstep chat about making a difference in their communities.

All In believes it is local people such as Eastlight residents who understand our communities best and have the ideas, passion, and talent to make them even better.

We want to build on the community spirit so many of us experienced during the darkest hours of the pandemic.

That’s why Eastlight has created All In. We will provide the training, funding and support you need to tackle the social issues that matter to you and your family. The big problems and how we address them will be decided by people like you.

So over the coming weeks, we are inviting every single Eastlight resident to meet us for a chat about what could make their local community even better.
If residents don’t want to meet on their doorstep, then these conversations can also take place online or over the phone.

The main aim is to meet people who are active in our communities or who would like to be. Next year, we will launch a series of public meetings to help people connect again, decide what big issues they want to address and how they will tackle them.

If you’re an Eastlight customer, please visit www.eastlighthomes.co.uk/conversation or complete the short form included with the letter and return in the Stamped Addressed Envelope provided.