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“Our mission is to create places where people can come together and enjoy mindful activities to support their mental wellbeing.”

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We know people in Braintree are looking to connect with others and develop skills to support their mental health but are struggling to find a place to do so. That’s why we have made it our mission to create spaces where people can come together and enjoy mindful activities to support their mental wellbeing. Kinder Minds has been created by the community, for the community.  

If you missed our pilot programme earlier this year, then don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of plans in the pipeline, so watch this space. But first, let’s shout about our four weeks of activities because we’re proud of our work!

Throughout those four weeks, we hosted 15 activities in Braintree town, working alongside six local collaborators. A total of 42 people attended these activities and 73% reported an improvement in their mood after attending the sessions. Not only that, but six people were interested in volunteering in the future too. How great is that!

At Kinder Minds, we encourage you to join in with our sessions as much as you’d like. Our activities are a great way to meet you people and also gain a new level of mindfulness.

So we can continue the great work of Kinder Minds, we’re partnering with mental health charity Heads 2 Minds to open a safe space in Braintree that anyone can drop into if they need some support and guidance.

So what are you waiting for? Join our Facebook group here for regular updates.

Or email Gemma at to find out more info.

How it started

Meet the brilliant members of Kinder Minds: Aniko, Gemma, Leni, Peter and Saskia.

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