What’s the role?

You will earn £26,000 to spend a year making a difference in your community. Get the expert training and coaching you need to build an idea that tackles a big social issue you and your community care passionately about. Then get the support you need to make it happen and start improving lives.

What will I do for a year?

Over the year you’ll be guided through a unique programme to become a Community Entrepreneur. You will:

  • Join a team from your community to tackle a social issue that you’re passionate about
  • Build relationships with the wider community and local organisations
  • Receive expert training and coaching in how to identify social problems, create new ideas and test them
  • Seek support and backing from the wider community to make your ideas a reality
  • Make the key decisions every step of the way about the social issue you address and how you and your community will tackle it
  • Be amazed at what you’ve learnt and achieved over the year and benefit from support on your next steps as a community entrepreneur.

This is a unique opportunity to become a Community Entrepreneur. All you need is a passion for your community and a desire to work in a team to find new ways to make a difference.

Please find out more below or apply by Monday, 21 February!

Free your potential

Community Entrepreneur

What’s the role?

We are recruiting people to become Community Entrepreneurs and spend a year supporting your community with All In.

You will work as part of a team of five to strengthen your skills, knowledge, and experience to research and develop a community-focused solution to a social issue.

We will support you and your fellow team members by providing the training, coaching and resources necessary to achieve this, in a supportive, innovative, and fun environment.

What will I do?

You will spend a year researching, developing and testing a community-focused solution to a social issue that you and your community care passionately about.

You will be given the space and support to work out what you need to do and how you should get there. No two days will be the same, but your work is likely to include:

  • Attending regular learning days, workshops and training to support you and your team’s development of research, design, and team-working skills.
  • Developing productive relationships with your team and others involved in the programme, including Eastlight staff, coaches, community advisors and stakeholders.
  • Developing a deep understanding of your chosen community and social issue by doing field and desk-based research.
  • Working with your team to design a solution that can be tested in the community.
  • Organising and attending meetings to build community and stakeholder connections.
  • Working towards your own personal development goals throughout the 12 months.
  • Carrying any other reasonable work in line with your team’s objectives as required.
  • Showing an ongoing commitment to Eastlight’s core values of being ‘ambitious’, ‘inclusive’, and ‘accountable’.

What do I need to apply?

No qualifications are needed to carry out this role. Previous experience of community work, volunteering or activism is great – but not essential.

We are looking for people who are:

  • Community Minded – you identify as part of your community and are committed to making a positive contribution
  • A team player – you can work well in a diverse team
  • Keen to learn – you look for opportunities to learn from all experiences
  • Motivated – you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and put the work in for 12 months
  • Comfortable with change – you’re willing to adapt as the programme evolves

As part of the application process, you will need to demonstrate your right to work in the UK and provide ID for a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.

Above all, we are looking for people who want to make a difference in our communities. If that sounds like you, please apply!

Further Questions

Which communities will the teams work in?

Our teams will be based in or near Braintree, Colchester, Halstead, and Witham. While we have listed towns here, we are also keen to hear from people who live in the surrounding villages and anyone wishing to tackle challenges affecting more rural communities.

Could All In help me tackle a social issue I care about?

Yes. We recognise that your life experiences may have left you with a passion for a particular cause, whether that’s mental health, opportunities for young people or anything else.

The application form asks you which social causes you would like to take on and we will try to ensure that members of each community team are tackling a social issue they all hold dear to them.

What happens when the contract comes to an end?

The goal is that within the year you will be a fully-fledged Community Entrepreneur with a host of options available to you. We will support you to find an exciting next chapter where you can use your learning and experiences.

This role sounds exciting. But is it for me?

You don’t need qualifications for this role – just the desire to make a difference in your community and the ability to work as part of a team of passionate people like you.

Successful applicants will get a range of support that will be tailored to them. They will also receive IT equipment and training to use it.

What will happen to the ideas that the teams come up with?

The aim of All In is to create solutions for social problems that improve lives in our communities. We want to ensure that all of the solutions created by the Community Entrepreneur teams (technically known as “intellectual property”) are protected and used for the benefit of the community. On that basis, all intellectual property developed during the programme will be owned by Eastlight Community Homes.

At the end of the programme, there will be a discussion which will consider how each solution would work in practice and how the associated intellectual property might be best used for the benefit of the wider community. In collaboration with the Community Entrepreneurs and the wider community, Eastlight will then make an informed decision as to how each solution should be introduced and the steps required to deliver it.

There are barriers which could stop me from taking part. Is the role flexible?

We recognise that everyone as an individual has different circumstances, whether that be related to childcare, availability, benefits, travel or anything else.

That’s why we’re offering the flexibility and support to work around your needs. All you need to do is tell us what your restrictions are, and we’ll do our best to work out a plan together.

We will also consider applications on a part-time or job share basis.

What’s the application process?

Applying is incredibly simple.

  1. Fill in the short form to apply here by Monday, 21 February.
  2. We will then arrange a conversation to find out more about you and answer any questions you have.
  3. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to one of a series of workshops taking place on the week beginning Monday, 7 March, where they will take part in team activities and find out more about the role.

Local community leaders will take part in the workshops and work alongside Eastlight employees to assess the applicants.

Depending on how many applications we receive, we may also arrange a further interview before a final decision is made.

Successful applicants will be notified by early April and begin on Monday, 9 May!

How do I apply?

To begin applying, use this form!

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If this role isn’t for you, but you still want to make a difference in your community, then never fear! This spring, All In will begin hosting public meetings at venues near you so you can meet people like you and make a difference together.

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